Diagnosing Breast Cancer in Uganda

Here’s a program that I think deserves some good press. Working with Imaging the World, a non-profit group that’s trying to bring diagnostic imaging capabilities to under-served parts of the globe, Chris Duncan, a medical student at the University of Vermont, is trying to implement a program this summer that uses a diagnostic algorithm and … Read more

U.S. Survey Highlights the Impacts of Drug Shortages on Patients and Care

The results of a national survey of health professionals in the United States that was published recently in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy shows that cancer patients are suffering the effects of cancer drug shortages in the form of higher medication costs, delays in chemotherapy, treatment changes, and increased risk of medication errors. According to the … Read more

Cancer and the Right to Health

By Fiona Lander, MBBS(hons)/LLB(hons) At first glance, many health practitioners and members of the public would not think that diseases such as cancer have a great deal to do with human rights, or even the law more generally. After all, aren’t human rights about things like freedom of speech, torture and imprisonment? And how can … Read more

More Children Die of Cancer in Low-Income Countries

Don’t Forget About the Children By Uduak Thomas, M.A. An article that appeared in Nature News recently highlighted a series of four studies covering various aspects of pediatric cancer that were published in The Lancet Oncology journal. According to these studies, 94 percent of children worldwide aged 0-14 years who die from cancer are in … Read more

Breast Cancer and Environmental Pollution

This article is cross-posted from Columbia Science Review’s Spread Science Blog.  The original article can be found here. [Cancer InCytes would like to point out that low-socioeconomic societies, domestically and internationally, are exposed to the same types of pollutants that are discussed below.] A Troubling Link Between Breast Cancer and the Environment By Alex Bernstein In the … Read more