The Social Side of Cancer

Recently, I came across a blogpost written by Caitlin Carmody, who is the membership coordinator for Breast Cancer Action, a group that calls itself the watchdog of the breast cancer movement. The post (you can read it here) is a couple of years old but I think Ms. Carmody raises some pretty important questions that … Read moreThe Social Side of Cancer

The cancer that is social injustice

I can’t recall all of the times I have used analogies to explain technical scientific concepts; biologists frequently use analogies to help researchers and non-scientists alike understand theories and models for how cells function. DNA is often likened to computer code, proteins that chop up other proteins are often described as scissors, and I’ve even … Read moreThe cancer that is social injustice

Cancer Biologists Can’t Solve It by Themselves

The Problem Behind the Problem Cancer biologists cannot solve the cancer problem by themselves, nor can anyone else for that matter.  I’m a cancer biologist, so what do I mean when I say this?  Allow me to explain.  I’m not talking about understanding the staggering complexity of cancer, which requires many researchers ranging from engineers … Read moreCancer Biologists Can’t Solve It by Themselves