An Open Discussion On Minority Health and Human Trafficking

By: Charmaine Santos Minority Health Month is observed every April in the United States in order to raise community awareness on the issues around health disparities among ethnic and racial minorities. The commemorated month of April dates back to the leadership from Dr. Booker T. Washington in 1915. Since then, reports such as the Report … Read more

Brazen Smuggling Business Profiting From Fleeing African Migrants

By: Charmaine Santos Libyan militias, tribesmen, and bandits are responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 Italy-bound migrants in the Mediterranean in just the last two weeks. A number of armed groups in Libya are advertising their services of boat transport to people in search for a better life by presenting the economic collapse in … Read more

Response to: “Legalized Prostitution Significantly Increases Human Sex Trafficking: Study”

By David H. Nguyen, Ph.D. Some argue that legalizing prostitution is the answer to stopping human sex trafficking. This study strongly suggests otherwise. Economists call this “The Cobra Effect.” It was from a time and place in India where the local governance wanted to get rid of cobras by paying the locals for cobra skins. … Read more

Watched Not Just by the NSA: Your de-identified DNA information can actually be identified

By Qi Cheng, Ph.D. When a clinical research subject is asked to give permission to use his or her sample for research purposes, the subject is often told that the sample will be de-identified without a trace; therefore, privacy would be assured. This privacy insurance, however, was shaken by recent findings. As reported by the … Read more

Healthcare for All Not Quite a Reality in Canada

By Uduak Thomas, M.A. There’s an interesting study that was just published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal by a research team in Canada that brings some rather surprising inequalities in the nation’s healthcare system to light. By conducting telephone-based survey, the researchers discovered that some family physicians’ offices discriminate against people who would be … Read more