Improving Primary Care by Addressing Trauma

  “Understanding the link between trauma and health is an epiphany for clinicians. Many of us have spent years struggling to help our patients improve their health but did not realize that there was a missing ingredient in our model of care. Trauma affects health not only through psychological and behavioral factors, but also biologically, … Read more

Current Issues in Healthcare: Johnson & Johnson forms R&D group to target global health issues

Tackling the health challenges facing the citizens of lower-income countries will take coordinated efforts from governments, health care practitioners, thought leaders, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies.  Now, one of those pieces is hopefully falling into place: Johnson & Johnson’s pharma arm, Janssen, recently announced the creation of Janssen Global Public Health, a group devoted to “research, … Read more

International Study Finds Additional Links between Mother’s Poor Health and Young Children’s Death

A recent study published in PLOS Medicine by researchers from Washington, Oxford, and Witwatersand Universities found that in poorer countries, young children risk of dying begins to rise in the months prior to their mother’s death when she is seriously ill. According to the paper, these results add to the existing body of evidence which indicates that … Read more