Texas: Undocumented Immigration is Direct Pipeline Into Sex Trafficking

By: Sara Kim One of the national issues most prevalent in Texas may be centered on border control and the flow of undocumented immigrants. However, there is a hidden link between border control and another multi-billion dollar organized crime activity: human trafficking. Because many of the undocumented immigrants who cross the border are left vulnerable … Read more

Cambodian Women “Trapped” Into the Sex and Garment Industries

By: Charmaine Santos Many people assume that women in the sex industry are “forced,” but this might not be entirely true according to an interview Voice of America conducted with journalist, writer, and artist Anne Elizabeth Moore. Women in Cambodia have very few employment opportunities except in the industries of garment manufacturing and sex work. … Read more

Brazen Smuggling Business Profiting From Fleeing African Migrants

By: Charmaine Santos Libyan militias, tribesmen, and bandits are responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 Italy-bound migrants in the Mediterranean in just the last two weeks. A number of armed groups in Libya are advertising their services of boat transport to people in search for a better life by presenting the economic collapse in … Read more

Mental Health Care for Immigrant Youth

By: Kristine Alarcon   On April 21, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)’s Dream Resource Center (DRC) released a study called “Pol(ICE) in My Head.” The study focused on the mental health of undocumented and uninsured youth revealing that there is limited access to health care for undocumented youth especially when it comes to … Read more

Release of “Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States: Guide for Health Care Sector” Part 2

By Sharon E. Chin   Since victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking are exposed to such extreme situations, they have higher risk of experiencing physical and/or mental illness that may require treatment. The possibility of interaction between health provider and victim places health providers in unique positions where they can provide care and … Read more