The Plight of Children Trafficked in India for Domestic Servitude

By Luis Gay Thousands of children are missing from “remote tribal areas [in India] as human traffickers respond to a surge in demand for domestic child labour in booming urban districts.” More specifically, “more than 10,500 children were registered as missing fromthe central state of Chhattisgarh.” Many believe the children were trafficked out of the … Read more

Organ Trafficking on the Rise in Vietnam

By: Luis Gay Human trafficking in Vietnam is increasing at an alarming rate according to Minh Hung in his article “Kidneys, newborns, wives for sale: Human trafficking on the rise in Vietnam.” “From 2011-2015 [there has been an] eleven percent increase” in Vietnamese human trafficking cases. In reaction, six provinces in Vietnam and officials from … Read more

An Open Discussion On Minority Health and Human Trafficking

By: Charmaine Santos Minority Health Month is observed every April in the United States in order to raise community awareness on the issues around health disparities among ethnic and racial minorities. The commemorated month of April dates back to the leadership from Dr. Booker T. Washington in 1915. Since then, reports such as the Report … Read more

Trafficked Boys Overlooked

By: Janice Tjeng 50% of sexually exploited victims are males. However, this fact is often overlooked due to the following reasons. Firstly, it is because of the social stigma towards males as victims of sexual exploitation. Summar Ghias, a program specialist for the Chicago-based International Organization for Adolescents, mentions that anti-trafficking movements primarily identify victims … Read more

Brazen Smuggling Business Profiting From Fleeing African Migrants

By: Charmaine Santos Libyan militias, tribesmen, and bandits are responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 Italy-bound migrants in the Mediterranean in just the last two weeks. A number of armed groups in Libya are advertising their services of boat transport to people in search for a better life by presenting the economic collapse in … Read more