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Cancer InCytes is a (FREE, non-profit) e-magazine that talks about the medical needs of oppressed or disadvantaged people: child slaves, the homeless, minorities, etc. Our articles become training material for law enforcement, advocates, clinicians, academics, community leaders, and your next-door neighbor. We educate the public about why childhood trauma increases a person’s chances of getting cancer, just like how smoking increases your chances of getting lung cancer.
David H. Nguyen, Ph.D.
Cancer InCytes Magazine
d.hh.nguyen [at] cancerincytes.org
Katherine Welch, M.D.
Medical Director, Global Health Promise
Founder, Relentless
Editorial Advisor, Cancer InCytes Magazine
go.relentless [at] gmail.com
Steve Mason, Ph.D.
Senior Editor of Biological Sciences
Cancer InCytes Magazine
s.mason [at] cancerincytes.org
Juliana Zhu, Esq.
Senior Editor of Culture & Policy
Cancer InCytes Magazine
jzhu [at] cancerincytes.org
Sharon E. Chin, MPH 
Social Media Editor
Cancer InCytes Magazine
sharon.chin [at] cancerincytes.org

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