Current Issues in Healthcare: Johnson & Johnson forms R&D group to target global health issues

Tackling the health challenges facing the citizens of lower-income countries will take coordinated efforts from governments, health care practitioners, thought leaders, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies.  Now, one of those pieces is hopefully falling into place: Johnson & Johnson’s pharma arm, Janssen, recently announced the creation of Janssen Global Public Health, a group devoted to “research, … Read more

Excerpt: Health Disparities Among U.S. African-American and Hispanic Men Cost Economy More Than $450 Billion Over Four Years

Cancer InCytes seeks to highlight the deep intersections amongst social injustice, healthcare injustice, and economic burden on civil governance. This study provides evidence of exactly that… “Health disparities have a devastating impact on individuals and families, and they also affect society as a whole,” said Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., PhD.” The direct medical expenditures for … Read more