Germany is the “Bordello of Europe”

By: Kristine Alarcon Edited by: Sharon E. Chin Germany is known for its beautiful castles, delicious cheeses and sausages, and classical composers including Beethoven and Bach, but now this country is being labeled as the “Bordello of Europe.” The decriminalization of prostitution in 2002 seems to be causing human trafficking and the sex trade industry … Read moreGermany is the “Bordello of Europe”

Trauma Screening: Creating a Norm in Healthcare

By: Kristine Alarcon Edited By: Sharon E. Chin Traumatic experiences, whether it is domestic violence or childhood abuse, have a serious effect on the mental and physical health of a person. A research team at UCSF is pushing towards making it a norm in primary care to screen for these issues. It is important that … Read moreTrauma Screening: Creating a Norm in Healthcare