Germany is the “Bordello of Europe”

By: Kristine Alarcon Edited by: Sharon E. Chin Germany is known for its beautiful castles, delicious cheeses and sausages, and classical composers including Beethoven and Bach, but now this country is being labeled as the “Bordello of Europe.” The decriminalization of prostitution in 2002 seems to be causing human trafficking and the sex trade industry … Read moreGermany is the “Bordello of Europe”

Things to Consider Before Receiving Your Next Nail Care

By: Sara Kim Edited By: Sharon E. Chin Research results by the Department of Toxic Substances Control for the California Environmental Protection Agency have revealed several significant health hazards caused by chemicals used in nail and beauty products. Nail salon workers have the highest risk, as they are exposed to fumes from nail polish lacquer for … Read moreThings to Consider Before Receiving Your Next Nail Care

North Korea: Profit through Citizen Sales

By: Luis Gay Edited By: Sharon E. Chin  The North Korean government is conducting state-sponsored trafficking of its citizens and claiming that it is a way to “generate new income.” Citizens are forced to do manual labor in other countries while the North Korean government appropriates most, if not all, of their wages. According to … Read moreNorth Korea: Profit through Citizen Sales

Truckers Fighting Sex Trafficking

By: Kristine Alarcon Sex trafficking is a serious issue in the United States. There have been 3,598 domestic sex trafficking reports to an advocacy group called The Polaris Project. Vigilante Truth, founded by Bo Quickel, hopes to help correct this problem in the truck driving population, as there is often a high demand for sex … Read moreTruckers Fighting Sex Trafficking

Costly Health Care for Elderly Inmates

By: Kristine Alarcon The people confined in prison are getting sicker and older. There has been a rapid increase in prisoners 50 years and older in crowded federal correctional facilities. The rate is so fast that geriatric wards or convalescent homes are needed in prisons. As a result, American taxpayers are paying for the rising … Read moreCostly Health Care for Elderly Inmates