Cambodian Women “Trapped” Into the Sex and Garment Industries

By: Charmaine Santos Many people assume that women in the sex industry are “forced,” but this might not be entirely true according to an interview Voice of America conducted with journalist, writer, and artist Anne Elizabeth Moore. Women in Cambodia have very few employment opportunities except in the industries of garment manufacturing and sex work. … Read more

The Plight of Children Trafficked in India for Domestic Servitude

By Luis Gay Thousands of children are missing from “remote tribal areas [in India] as human traffickers respond to a surge in demand for domestic child labour in booming urban districts.” More specifically, “more than 10,500 children were registered as missing fromthe central state of Chhattisgarh.” Many believe the children were trafficked out of the … Read more

Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence with Breast-feeding

By: Kristine Alarcon A recent study at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California found that women who breast-fed had a 30% lower risk of breast cancer relapse after treatment and had less aggressive tumor types compared to women who did not breast feed. The study, conducted led by Kaiser’s Division of Research scientist Marilyn Kwan, focused … Read more

Secret Undercover Operations to Combat Child Sex Trafficking

By: Sara Kim Police began undercover investigations in Mesa, Arizona in order to uncover child sex trafficking crimes committed in the area. Although prostitution was already being investigated, the special focus on such crimes involving children started around the Super Bowl season, a period when prostitution rises. According to Detective Esteban, the undercover operations are … Read more

Organ Trafficking on the Rise in Vietnam

By: Luis Gay Human trafficking in Vietnam is increasing at an alarming rate according to Minh Hung in his article “Kidneys, newborns, wives for sale: Human trafficking on the rise in Vietnam.” “From 2011-2015 [there has been an] eleven percent increase” in Vietnamese human trafficking cases. In reaction, six provinces in Vietnam and officials from … Read more