Cancer Survivors Belly Dancing Together

By: Kristine Alarcon In Charlottesville, Virginia, women cancer survivors are belly dancing together at the My Body Raqs class. The belly dancing class was created specifically for cancer survivors to help them cope with movement through gentle dance. Any cancer survivor is welcome after treatment and diagnosis as no dance experience is required and the … Read more

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Health: Heart Disease, Lung Cancer, Depression

By: Kristine Alarcon On the TEDMED stage, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris quoted Dr. Robert Block saying, “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today.” Dr. Harris’s career as a pediatrician changed once she discovered research conducted by Dr. Vince Felitti and Dr. Bob Anda called the “Adverse Childhood … Read more

Native American Women: Child Abuse, Prostitution, Trauma, Medical Problems

By David H. Nguyen, Ph.D. An article from 2011 highlighting the plight of Native American women in Minnesota who were prostitutes reveals the ugly side of prostitution. The abuse these women endure leaves with them PTSD, brain damage, and drug addictions (1). Cancer InCytes focuses on the healthcare needs of disadvantaged populations in order to raise awareness, … Read more

Surviving Both Human Trafficking and Cancer – Chong Kim’s Story

Cancer InCytes magazine highlights the deep intersections between public health and social justice. Our upcoming December, 2013 issue will feature double-survivor stories of victims of human trafficking who also survived cancer. Their stories highlight how cancer and social injustice are intertwined. Here is an excerpt. Stay tuned! Neither Height nor Depth, nor Hot, nor … Read more