Tea Plantation Girls Kidnapped Into Slavery

By: Sara Kim Tea plantation owners of India make billions of pounds annually, due to the booming business in the industry. Ironically however, while the owners are making fortunes, the workers earn less than the official minimum wage for their labor. This is because the owners have used the size of the industry as an … Read more

Cambodian Women “Trapped” Into the Sex and Garment Industries

By: Charmaine Santos Many people assume that women in the sex industry are “forced,” but this might not be entirely true according to an interview Voice of America conducted with journalist, writer, and artist Anne Elizabeth Moore. Women in Cambodia have very few employment opportunities except in the industries of garment manufacturing and sex work. … Read more

Former Sex Slave Helps Trafficking Victims Through Fashion

By: Luis Gay India native Anna Malika, 29, was adopted by an American family in which she “experienced sexual abuse as a child that led to self-harm, eating disorders and alcohol abuse later in life.” During her teen years, Malika was also in a “deceptive relationship with an older man” who sold pornographic pictures of … Read more